Because Gender Equality Makes Good Business Sense.

Who we are

EasyPoli is a consulting firm collaborating with international non-government organizations and private sector companies to promote gender equality. EasyPoli crafts and implements tailor-made strategies to effectively fulfill each client’s needs and succesfully drive change.

Our mission is to help your organization:

• Address and Eliminate Gender Pay Gaps
• Increase Women’s Role in Decision-Making at Middle and Upper Management Levels
• Develop and Implement Policies that Enhance Work-Life Balance
• Eradicate Sexual Harassment at Work

Our Services

Let us help you to become a leader promoting gender equality within your industry.


How is your organization doing on gender equality? We collect and analyze information from across all departments of your organization to develop a clear baseline. Leadership receives a concise report on what is working, what is not working and what needs to be into place to be able to institutionalize gender equality and inclusion across the entire organization.


For those organisations seeking targeted solutions to increase the representation of women at senior levels, we offer numerous best-in-class gender and inclusion training sessions on specific topics (please ask for our full list of topics).


We conceptualize and implement unique signature initiatives that are designed to have your organization stand out and position you as leaders in gender equality and inclusion in your industry.

” We keep it simple, so everyone understands it, everyone buys in and your customers get it. “

Why choose EasyPoli?

Once we have a clear picture of the key challenges, constraints, advantages and opportunities facing your organisations on the path to an inclusive culture, we collaborate with you to develop a strategy that creates a culture of inclusion: a culture that improves your employee engagement, client experience and business performance.

Through exhaustive research into organizational culture and processes, EasyPoli recommends, develops and implements action plans and strategies to leverage the opportunities provided by gender equality initiatives.

The Founder

" Hiring and promoting talented women is the smart thing to do socially and economically. "

Darine BenAmara

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